How to detect and download a video using Link Finder Engine from VideoTube Downloader Pro

ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro comes with a powerful automatic video detection engine for major websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, Prosieben, Sat1 and many more.

Sometimes the automatic detection will not find a video when you copy/paste your link into the software and it will give you the option to use Link Finder Engine, like in the next image:

Choose Link Finder Chrome Mode or Link Finder Expert Mode

Here you can choose to Launch Link Finder in Chrome Mode (recommended for any site) or Launch Link Finder Expert (to be used only if other modes don’t detect valid videos).

So what is Link Finder anyway?

To put it shortly, it’s an embedded browser in which you can navigate and play your desired video. The software will try to find a valid download link, which later will download and convert into an MP4 or MKV video file.

Link Finder comes in various flavors:

  • The popular browser modes: Chrome, Internet Explorer, iOS Phone, iOS iPad, Android.
  • The Advanced mode which will emulate Link Finder into one of many browser types available, like SmartTVs or browsers running on various operating systems.
  • And finally the powerful Expert Mode introduced with version 14, to be used when no valid video link is found with copy/paste mode or with any other Link Finder browser modes.

Link Finder – Chrome Mode (the recommended mode)

VideoTube Downloader supports a wide range of video stream formats like: MPEG-DASH MPD, HLS (HTTP Live Streaming – M3U8), HDS (HTTP Dynamic Streaming – F4M), RTMP Streams and VOD files (Video-On-Demand files like MP4, MOV, MKV, WebM, FLV, MP3, AAC)

While browsing and playing the desired video in the embedded browser, Link Finder Engine detects and displays all URLs to video content, indicating the stream type and the URL where the video content is located for each video found. You have then the option to add the URLs to the download list and start the downloads.

Link Finder Chrome Browser Mode - ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro
Link Finder Chrome Browser Mode – ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro
Link Finder - Detected Videos List
Detected videos are added to the Video List
Link Finder - You can filter the Detected Videos List
Filter the Detected Videos List by video and audio file type
Link Finder - Detected Videos List filtered to show only MPD, M3U8, F4M, VTT, SRT files
Easily select the stream to download MP4, MPD, M3U8, subtitles
Download the M3U8 stream
Select the quality and download the MPD, M3U8, MP4 stream detected

In case no video is detected using Chrome Mode, you have the option to load the website in the other browser modes (Internet Explorer, iOS Phone, iOS iPad, Android, Advanced Mode), by clicking on Settings->”Load this website in” option.

The Advanced Mode lets you choose the browser type from a list of 25+ browser configurations, like Safari on iPhone, Edge on iPad, Chrome on Android and many more. This way, you can find different video streams (like M3U8, MPD, MP4 or MP3) for the same video content depending on the platform it is played on.

Link Finder engine with its powerful embedded browser detects streams from a variety of streaming platforms like: Twitch, YouTube, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, ITV, SVT, AMC, FOX, Syfy, CBC, National Geographic, ESPN, Free Form, FX NOW, SBS, ABC iView, TNT Drama, TBS, DR.DK, NRK.NO, PBS,, SWR Mediathek,,,, SRF, STV, ARD, ORF,,, TV5Mondeplus, Kollafilm, DisneyNOW and many more

Link Finder Expert Mode

If no video was found with copy/paste mode or with any other Link Finder browser modes, then you need to try the powerful Expert Mode.

The interface is simple and clean, the keyboard shortcuts will help navigation within the sites:  
use  ALT+Left/Right  arrow keys to go Back/Forward,  CTRL+R  key to reload the page,
press F1 key to show the Link Finder Expert Download List window.

Link Finder Expert Mode - ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro
Link Finder Expert Mode – ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro

Navigate to the desired video and start watching it. Once a valid stream link is found the Expert Download List window pops-up with the detected MPD DASH streams, M3U8 HLS streams and subtitles.

Link Finder Expert – Detects MPD, M3U8, SRT, VTT streams

– In the Download List window you can use the back/forward buttons to navigate the browser.
– To add the streams to the download queue click on the Download button.

Link Finder Expert Download List – Video streams found are ready to be downloaded

Link Finder Expert Mode detects valid MPD and M3U8 videos from streaming platforms like Sun NXT, iwantTFC, Noovo, GlobalTV, Viki, Criterion, Learnnext, Crackle, Tele5, Showtime Anytime,, VRT NU, Joyn, Prosieben, Sat1, Puls4, CBS, 7Plus, 9Now, MediasetPlay, TVNow, TVNZ, UKTV Play, Virgin Player, TG4, My5, Channel4, RTEPlayer, CMore, DisneyNow, Viaplay, Joyn, Roku, Shahid, NPOStart, Movistarplus, Vdocipher, Discovery,, Zee5, CTV, ITV, Britbox, ParamountPlus, Travel Channel, Food Network, HGTV, TLC, Investigation, Uplynk, Cooking, Magnolia, American History, Motor Trend, ArtStation, blim TV and many more.

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