How to download faster MPEG-DASH 📺 and M3U8 HLS 🎬 with VideoTube Downloader?

Starting with version 12.01.24 of ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader, you can adjust the number of parts that can be downloaded at same time with just 3 clicks 🙂

Launch VideoTube Downloader, click on Settings, Main Settings, choose Advanced Settings tab and adjust the M3U8 and MPD number of theads to download at same time.

If your connection is through a slow VPN or DNS, you can lower the number of parts to be downloaded at same time, so there won’t be any skipping issues. By default the value is set to 6 parts downloaded simultaneous.

Install right now the latest version 🙂

You can find a tutorial how to download MPD video files right here:

What is MPEG-DASH 🎬? How to download MPD video files 📺?

How to record your desktop screen or gameplay on Windows ? How to use ChrisPC Screen Recorder v 2.00 ?

On many occasions, as an internet computer user or computer geek you need a set of programs that make your life easier, more enjoyable and smooth: a kind of a toolbox. We all have such a toolbox on our desktop PC, laptops and nowdays even on our smartphones or tablets: from a favourite MP3 player, to your photo viewing and processing app, a movie player, your file browser or back-up software, a YouTube file downloader, a screen recorder and so on.

ChrisPC Screen Recorder will make your day-to-day private and/or professional life more simple and practical while using a Windows PC or laptop.

This is not only a useful tool to make screenshots or save videos like its name says, but think of all possibilities. With Screen Recorder, there is a safe and easy way of saving video streams from sources you cannot save/download directly, from your computer’s browser for example.

Furthermore you can record tutorials for your friends, family, employees or students. Why explain to your remote colleagues from the East Coast how to operate a spreadsheet or a word processor hidden feature in an email or by phone when you can upload a video on YouTube with the steps recorded in a clip on your laptop? It’s faster, right? And re-usable. It’s an easy way to help your friends, students or parents.

Easily share and spread your know-how and computer skills with the desktop recording features of ChrisPC Screen Recorder. Your recordings of the desktop screen are available for editing and publishing after recording is finalized.
Screen Recorder has the options to edit out parts from the beginning and/or ending of the recorded clip so you can decide on the final version.

You can simply add custom text or a picture watermark to your recordings with the PRO version. Watermarking can be your best option to avoid being copied or to indicate the source of the recording and have your personal/professional touch like a text or logo image with the attributes font, color desired, and position.

ChrisPC Screen Recorder is a freeware software for non-commercial use. Some features of the software may be limited or unavailable in the free version. To enable all the features you need to upgrade to the ChrisPC Screen Recorder Pro version.

To find out the differences between the two versions, check the feature comparison page.