How to download faster MPEG-DASH 📺 and M3U8 HLS 🎬 with VideoTube Downloader?

Starting with version 12.01.24 of ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader, you can adjust the number of parts that can be downloaded at same time with just 3 clicks 🙂

Launch VideoTube Downloader, click on Settings, Main Settings, choose Advanced Settings tab and adjust the M3U8 and MPD number of theads to download at same time.

If your connection is through a slow VPN or DNS, you can lower the number of parts to be downloaded at same time, so there won’t be any skipping issues. By default the value is set to 6 parts downloaded simultaneous.

Install right now the latest version 🙂

You can find a tutorial how to download MPD video files right here:

What is MPEG-DASH 🎬? How to download MPD video files 📺?