Windows 11 version 21H2: All the new features and changes 🚀 October release 📆

The world’s most popular desktop operating system is getting a major overhaul with the unveiling of Windows 11.

Much of the work is interface redesign rather than actual features, Windows 11 is more familiar than you may expect, despite some rearranging and updating the furniture. It borrows from Chrome OS, though you can still place app icons on the desktop background, which Google’s lightweight desktop OS doesn’t allow.

Microsoft will release Windows 11 starting October 5, 2021 on new machines. Updates to existing Windows 10 users should start coming at the start of 2022, and Microsoft hopes to have offered Windows 11 to every compatible machine by mid-2022.

At the time of writing this, the current Windows 11 version is 22000.160 released in August 2021.

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