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What our Customers Say

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So far I love it. Nicely and able to download 1080p YouTube videos that I like to play on my TV. And this despite You Tube's latest changes.

Tim V., U.S.A

Many thanks for your excellent customer service and your very prompt action. I am using this for both BBC iPlayer and ITV Player which is perfect and now I have no problems, downloads the TV show every time.

Alan W., Spain

Thank you for your speedy support and patience - I would also highly recommend the Add-on Package - definitely worth the price.

Nicholas P., U.K.

"I have got to add that the author has done an exception job with this application he has just about covered every aspect required for a decent stable program & especially being able to listen to his buyers."

John C., UK

This is way better than any youtube downloader online! Really nice free youtube downloader software.

Denis M., France

"I recently purchased your VideoTube Downloader Pro, and just wanted to tell you how extremely satisfied I am with it. It's a great piece of software at a reasonable price. Thanks for a quality product."

Scott H., U.S.A.

"Thanks and by the way a splendid piece of software getting the best out of plain simple TV cards compared to the crappy software supplied by the big hardware suppliers."

Jacco M., Netherlands

"Your product was the ONLY ONE which was able to find my sony gigapocket tuner. One other thing which might be of interest- not only does your program work on a difficult tuner, but I am using it with the server 2003 operating system!! Unbelievable."

Jones D., U.S.A.

"Thank you so very much for your quick response. It is a real pleasure working with someone like you! So often other companies are not as responsive. I am going to purchase your program which I think is SUPER!"

Milan Z., U.S.A

"It's one great program you have here. I only wish that manufacturers of TV cards would realize they're not making any friends by distributing substandard TV software with their products. Yours is most definately superior."

Ron M., Canada

"I just wanted to say thank you for continuing to support your software over the months that I have owned a registered copy. The steady development and addition of features to this great program is the way software should be designed!"

Lee R., U.S.A

"I like it, good and stable. Also easy to use."

Bill G., UK

"Thank you very much. I've never bought a program as fast as I did with yours. It's a great piece of software. I didn't know it until yesterday. Downloaded it, tried it, bought it ! Great and sharp view, fantastic features !"

Aben B., Netherlands

"It's the best i've ever seen! This program should be bundled with every tv card!"

John P., USA

"Thanks for your help and wish you succes with the further development of your program. It is a real nice program with a very good look and feel principle and strong in specially the channel scan and channel adjusting possibilities (better than Vodio and Powercinema)"

Herman V., Netherlands

"Great software! I was really sad to see my old programs didn't work with the Medion card / Philips SAA7134. But then I found ChrisTV and the world was o.k. again ;))"

Ronny T., Germany

"Outstanding. I get a better picture quality from your software."

Nick F., UK

"Awesome ! Much better then the software supplied with tv card."

Jacob V., Netherlands

"It's great....picture quality is awesome, way better than windvr from intervideo."

Vinod T., Canada

"It's way better than Pinnacle's own software and is becoming more perfect with every new release."

Tom S., Netherlands

"IT WORKS! I have looking about 2 months for software that supports my tv tuner and Your soft WORKS! You rule man!"

Lukasz M., Poland