Chris P.C. srl is located in the North-West of Romania, Cluj-Napoca, a beautiful city well known as an academic and a cultural center. Here are some insights of Chris P.C.'s BITS of History and Spirit!

About Us

A Few words about Our Company

The spirit of innovation is within us

We as a company are looking now at the future as being our present. Everything has to do with our spirit. This is the spirit of a young and restless Chris P.C. team. Ideas for new products come to embrace our customers needs. Sometimes those are pure ideas which make us excited and sometimes these are combined with what we see around us on the Internet: blogs, products, tweets, chats, forums and other well know social media...(and yes facebook is here ;) )

Like our CEO Chris says "Today is the future!" and he really means it, we are with several steps ahead from other software providers...

But this is not about competing, but having the pure ideas implemented fast by good quality software. These ideas pass through a cycle of prototypes, testing and reviewing. Finally after several weeks from the initial idea, products are born in their production version and launched to our dear users.

Of course it takes quite a bit of inspiration and transpiration from all of us - the Chris P.C.'s team - to get a product properly done, satisfying the increasing standards of today's Internet users.

What is nice about it is that we are having fun, we are really building up those kind of software applications we like. And that's the beauty... We put all our passion into making it better.
It might be that you like it or not, that's why the cycle from idea to product and back to you, dear user, needs to be closed with your feedback about our specific products. So please leave your thoughts here... your words are essential to fulfill the gap between what you expect and what we have designed.

BITS of History

Founded in 2003 by the talented romanian engineer Cristian Ciplea (a.k.a. Chris), our CEO, Chris P.C. srl has as target the development of high quality software applications.
ChrisTV was the beginning of our products series addressing the needs of PC users having an analog TV tuner (now ChrisTV PVR). The sparkle came from Ciprian - Chris's brother - yet another software engineer and put into a full blown idea and software by Chris.

Started as a freeware application since 2002, ChrisTV has gained an excellent reputation among different users from all over the globe. To ensure periodical quality upgrades to this software application and professional technical support, Chris P.C. srl took the initiative and decided to promote and launch in September 2003, the first commercial version of ChrisTV 3.50 product series: ChrisTV Professional and ChrisTV Standard, as shareware products.
Along the years that come, the passion for making good quality software grew and the team enlarged.

After ChrisTV PVR series, Chris PC-Lock-ed in your PC. ChrisTV Online! followed to bring on your PC the finest online TV streams from and Veetle channels. Besides these products, several other utility software like ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy to protect your privacy over Internet were released.

Moreover, Chris P.C. has in development and will develop new products carrying the Chris P.C.'s high quality stamp. Talking to the software development team, Chris said: "guys, keep the software simple, easy to use and the quality high". These are the words which guide the small, but enthusiastic software engineering team from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, where Chris P.C. srl head office is located.

Our Users and Customers

Our softwares come with different flavors: each series has a light and free of charge for non-commercial use version and also a professional version for users who want the full power of the products.

The free version is nice for home users who want to benefit from our products, we did this to share with the community the joy and make a better world. Yes you will find some limitations in this free versions and commercials to support our work.

To get the most from our top series products you need to aquire a license. But still you can try them freely during the trial period as Shareware. You will see that they deserve the price you pay. Even in case you are not satisfied we return your money, so you are making a safe investment.

We care about our customers and offer incredible fast and efficient support. That is why you will like and stay with us.

Customized products and solutions

Chris P.C. is based in the North-West of Romania, Cluj-Napoca, a nice city well known as a academic and cultural center. Therefore Chris P.C. has a young team of highly educated and talented software engineers with an average age of 28 years.

Having this as an ingredient, Chris P.C. offers high quality services in customizing its products at request. If you find one of our products suitable for your business, but you would like some distinct special features we will be happy to brainstorm together and deliver you a unique product. Drop your request to this email inbox , we will get back to you.

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